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Eli Noah needs a home

I am hoping to network widely to find a safe foster, foster-to-adopt, or no-kill placement for a very sweet cat.  He was rescued a few years ago and placed him in a great home with a former adopter. She also took in a 5 year old rescued cat that has a serious heart condition. I will be taking into my home the now 11 yr old cat with the serious heart condition. I am not also able to take in Eli Noah as I have several elderly rescues, and recently took in a pair of 12 yro rescues from a woman who went into foreclosure. I simply do not have enough resources or space to take this great cat in.


Hi. My name is Kim Benoit and my cat escaped 6/24/15 on the way back home from being spayed at South Coastal Animal Hospital in Weymouth, Ma. She is a small 3 year old spayed female Calico cat.
If found, please call/text 774-417-4754 or email us at BENOITKIM79 @ YAHOO.COM (remove spaces)  

11 year old Maine Coon to be pts..Needs even a foster home. please help

maine coonDoes anyone have room for an 11 year old Maine coon type cat -

He has been having loose stools and owner doesnt want to do any testing -

He is neutered, gets along with her other cats, and is fearful with kids. Been ok with dogs.

IF you can help, please message me ASAP, time is short.
Contact Patty at PAWS   802-917-1100


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