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Update on Baystate Prison Cats

Action Update

Thankfully, The Cats Look Good—But There’s a Long Way to Go

Dear Patty,

Thanks to supporters like you, who raised their voices to protect the cats at Bayside State Prison, I have some encouraging news to share. Yesterday, Alley Cat Allies met with Bayside State Prison officials and received a tour of the prison grounds where cats live, so we could begin to assess the situation and the cats’ health.

I’m relieved to tell you that the cats we saw appear to be stable and in good shape and are being fed on an interim basis.

cats for adoption / Mass Cat Rescue>
> Date: Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 8:27 PM
> This woman
> contacted my rescue group.... Her mother is sick and lives
> in CA and of 12/1 she is moving too and cannot take her
> cats. She has 30..... Most are vetted..... She's willing
> to vet others if people can help her. My group has taken two
> of hers but we are reaching out for more help. She has
> stated that the remaining cats WILL be euthanized if she

Just look in these eyes! Please help us.

These two beautiful cats that are in desperate need of a home. The owner is dying of brain cancer and wants them gone! One is 6 years of age and the other 8 years old. They used to be indoors but have now been relegated to the outdoors where it does not look too good. Can anyone offer a shelter space? They can be tested beforehand. They are spayed /neutered. Any suggestions to help these cats welcome!   Please contact Paula at willem-paula-dejong @ 


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