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Beautiful 10 yr old lab needs a home

Hi!  My name is Maddie.  I am a 10 year old lab mix, and am in perfect health!  I love to be walked and play catch. 

I have a great personality, am well trained and love people, kids, and other dogs.  I have not yet met a cat!  I bark when I first meet people and get excited, but I am all bark! I am just so excited to meet new people!

Help with cat adoption, please

Woman with 18+ cats and kittens is asking for help to downsize some of the cats.
We are trying to convince her to give up all of them but she is not willing.
As of Saturday we have found placement for the newborns and the moms of the newborns, which will amount to 9 or more as some of the babies are being born tonight.

But she has more youngish under 1 yr kitties that need socialization and vetting.
Can anyone help us find foster homes and help with Spay/Neuter.  Some are somewhat
friendly and some need time with people.


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