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Milky needs a home

Look at this uniquely beautiful cat. Have you ever seen a cat that looks like Milky? She is 15 years old and lived with her family for 14 years. They brought her to the shelter to euthanize her because they were moving. (Don't get me started on people who make moving plans that don't include taking their pets with them.)

WARL will not euthanize a healthy animal. The family was persuaded to surrender Milky so that we could find her a new home. She's an old cat with a great appetite who can be a bit cranky, but she's entitled after losing her family and her home.

Help save Dog Mountain

Dog Mountain May be Lost due to Real Estate Tax Auction: check out the website and newsletter for more information for how you can help save this wonderful "dog park" in St. Johnsbury, VT. Dog Mountain and the Dog Chapel were always supported by the sale of Stephen's artwork. Dog Mountain was Stephen's gift to the universe. Sales of artwork are crucial to keeping Dog Mt. sustainable. FYI- 100% of Donations go into a separate fund just for back taxes. We are making good progress. I just gave the town a check for $14,000 and have to pay another $22,000 by November.

Wags for Bags festival Event Schedule

Wags for Bags Dog Show & Festival Celebrates Pets All dog owners (adults and kids), dog lovers and their dogs are invited to the Wags for Bags Dog Show & Festival on Saturday, July 16th from 2-5pm at the Lareau Farm. The festival was created to increase awareness of dog and dog owner etiquette in the Valley, including picking up after your dog, where dogs can be off leash and where they have to be on leash. The Wags for Bags Dog Show & Festival will also be a celebration of dogs! Bring the family, bring the dog and join in the fun activities and games.


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