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Help, before more kittens are killed

“Kitten season” can be one of the most heartbreaking times of the year.

The birth of new baby kittens should be joyful—but you and I know the awful reality: most of these kittens brought to shelters will be killed.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I can assure you there’s nothing more painful than looking at a kitten and knowing it will be killed before the next morning.

Dont' let Kitten season be killing season

Kittens’ lives are at risk and they need your immediate help.

Springtime is “kitten season”—which means during the next few months, millions of kittens will be born. Well-meaning people will bring them to shelters, wanting to help. But they don’t realize that many shelters don’t have the lifesaving programs in place to care for these kittens. And as you know, over 70% of all cats in shelters will be killed.


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