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Remember Kiki


When Diana realized Kiki, her beloved companion cat of 10 years, was missing, she was scared and worried. She did everything she could to find the cat she'd raised from a baby.

Diana's worry soon turned to heartbreak when she learned that Kiki had been killed at the local animal shelter — the very people charged with protecting animals.

This is the kind of injustice that Alley Cat Allies needs your support to fight. Can I count on you today?

I know you're shocked as I am that Kiki was killed before Diana even had a chance to find her. Outdated, cruel policies for cats threaten every single cat in a community — pet and outdoor alike — and they are to blame for Kiki's untimely death. For 25 years, Alley Cat Allies has fought for cats like Kiki, but we need your ongoing support to make sure heartbreak like this stops happening.

Diana painfully remembers that Kiki was "lured and tricked like a little kid with candy" by local police, who baited traps and enticed Kiki from her back porch.

Diana called the police, who told her they didn't trap a cat. But when she called again, they said they had. By the time the shelter was open three days later after a holiday weekend, it was too late. There was no warning from the city about trapping, and Diana got the run-around from local officials who were supposed to help. No one helped. They killed Kiki.

Your generous tax-deductible donation today will help Alley Cat Allies change the policies that endanger cats.

Tragedies like this are why it's so important for us to confront dangerous practices and replace them with proven, time-tested, lifesaving policies. Providing communities with humane programs is critical to keeping cats safe.

Kiki was killed because of inexcusably flawed systems. This is why we bring science and facts to decision makers to advocate for lasting changes.

Will you make your most generous contribution today and help us save cats?

With your support, we'll continue fighting to make communities across the country safe for cats. The stakes are high—and we need you with us.

For the cats,

Becky Robinson
President and Founder
Alley Cat Allies

P.S. Diana cared for and protected Kiki for ten years—and it's wrong and heartbreaking that Kiki was killed. Help us stop cat deaths in shelters by supporting Alley Cat Allies today.

P.P.S Local police are now working with Alley Cat Allies to change their policies, your gift today will help us expand our efforts to save cats in all communities.

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