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Shadow Male 9 year old cat hit by a car

Hello all,

I just set up this medical fundraiser for Shadow, a kitty who Jessy, a volunteer with Fitchburg Friends of Felines, is caring for and fostering. Shadow has definitely had his share of bad luck and is now requiring surgery. We'd greatly appreciate it if you could help share his campaign within your networks. Here is the direct link to the YouCaring campaign:
Thank you so very much for your time,
Melissa Beaulac
Shadows story: 

Shadow is a gorgeous, lovable 9 year old, neutered male who was hit by a car and abandoned by his family when he needed them most. Thankfully, Jessy, a volunteer with Fitchburg Friends of Felines, took him into her home, got him emergency vet care, and is currently fostering him.  Shadow sustained mild head trauma due to the accident, and although he has mostly recovered, he continues to get horrible mouth infections that are now starting to have a negative impact on his eyes too. Jessy recently brought Shadow back to the vet, and the vet has recommended Shadow have most of his teeth removed to prevent the infections from re-occurring.   

Despite his hardships, handsome Shadow refuses to let them get him down. He is still as sweet and affectionate as can be, and has adjusted to living in his current home with other cats and a dog. Please help donate to Shadow’s surgery fund if you can. He doesn’t deserve to live in pain, and it’s important to get the surgery done before it causes irreversible damage to his eyes.

The estimate given by the vet for Shadow's surgery is between $451.30 and $479.35. I have included a photo of the estimate in the gallery section of this campaign for your reference. This does not include any follow up appointments he may need. Fitchburg Friends of Felines is a small, community TNR group, and simply doesn’t have the monetary resources to cover such large medical expenses. A contribution of any amount is greatly appreciated! If you can’t contribute, you can still help be sharing via email, Facebook, Twitter, and on any other social media websites you use. 

Thank you very much for your support. If we work together,  Shadow will get the 2nd chance he deserves.

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