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Winter is coming

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Winter is here! Help us save lives by making an Emergency Winter Donation

Cat Advocate,

Temperatures are about to drop...snow will fall...and for outdoor cats, one of the most dangerous times of the year is about to arrive. But not because of the weather.

So many well-meaning cat lovers want to do something to keep cats safe this winter—we get so many questions from our community about taking cats to shelters...but they don’t know the truth that you and I know: Seven out of ten cats brought to our nation’s shelters are killed.

We need your help to save cats—please make an Emergency Winter Donation to Alley Cat Allies right away.

Community cats are not socialized to people like pets are—and their home is outside. The best way to help these cats is to keep them out of shelters where they will likely be killed, and instead, help them stay warm and cozy in their outdoor home with shelter, food and water.

With your support, we’re doing everything we can to spread this message through our National Cat Help Desk, Cat Advocacy webinars (which are available 24/7 online), and other outreach programs.

Your urgently-needed contribution will help us get this crucial information to more people so we can keep cats alive this winter—and all year round.

In addition to helping cats this winter, we’re looking toward the future and working to transform the shelter system. But we can’t do it without your support. Through our outreach and trainings, we’re spreading the word about lifesaving programs like Trap‑Neuter‑Return (TNR) and helping shelters change outdated policies and implement new programs.

I hope we can count on you to be there for cats this winter by making an Emergency Winter Donation to Alley Cat Allies today.

June Matics   


June Matics
June Matics
Director, Digital Media
Alley Cat Allies

P.S. During the winter months, cats across the country are in extra danger of being taken to a shelter. Help us stop the killing of cats in shelters by making an Emergency Winter Donation to Alley Cat Allies today.


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