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Year End for Baypath. Help them meet their goal

In a single week, Baypath Humane Society changes the lives of more than 100 stray and unwanted dogs and cats through adoption services, extraordinary medical care, targeted behavioral programs, and lots and lots of TLC from our strong community of staff, volunteers, and foster parents.

A single week can mean a lot to us too - particularly this week!
Baypath's fiscal year ends this Thursday. We hope that we can once again count on your support.

Your donation to Baypath helps animals like Rosie the Riveter (pictured here). Rosie found her loving forever home after meaningful contributions from donors like you helped to pay for her critical eye surgery.

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The more support we receive, the more dogs and cats we can rescue every single week.
Thank you!
Elizabeth Jefferis,
Executive Director
Baypath Humane Society
P.S. A contribution of $50, $100, or $200 goes far in helping wonderful animals in need like Rosie the Riveter. Thank you!